A food and wine journey around Italy and beyond
Our Cellar, personally managed by the family, has about one hundred and fifty labels for a total of almost two thousand bottles.
The selection mainly includes Italian wines, from fifteen regions and including White, Red, Traditional Method or Charmat-method sparkling and Dessert wines.

The labels on our wine menu belong to some of the most important winemakers in Italy and in the world. They can vary periodically, up to a maximum of twice a year ,to give our customers and wine lovers the opportunity to appreciate as many as possible of the countless wineries existing in our peninsula.

Part of the labels come from organic and biodynamic farming, in line with the recent trends to seek a greater connection with the territory and to leverage its characteristics.
The remaining part of our bottles comes essentially from the Champagne Region of France, with historic wineries’ labels.

The wine menu also includes a small selection to be served by the glass, which varies according to the menu and the combinations, as well as based on the imagination of the sommelier and the requests of customers.